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Mashabela Creatives | What We Do
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What We Do



We offer a range of services in advertising, namely, the development of advertising strategies, the creation of advertising concepts, design, copywriting, TV shoots, radio ad production (translations – all SA languages, VO casting, in-house studios)


The creativity of graphic designers can be seen almost anywhere you look. From books, magazines, CDs, digital advertisements and innovative product packaging, the work of the graphic designer can be seen and felt. But graphic design is more than just a pleasing appearance – it is about understanding how to communicate conceptually, how to make all the elements from typography, colour, illustration, and photography work together as a whole. In today’s communication, a graphic designer isn’t limited to ink and paper anymore, the world is now limitless.

From basic invitation cards to a complicated website design that has intricate animations, we do it all. When it comes to design, we appreciate the fact that consumers are exposed to thousands of messages daily and delivering campaigns, print ads, a billboard and even brochures which stand out from the clutter has become an essential part of communication. As a result, we work together with our client to understand the target audience for the message and how best to get their attention. Our goal is to deliver a design than not only meets our client’s needs and wants, but stands out from all of their competitors while satisfying their customers. We work tirelessly to ensure that the client’s goals are met.


Every creative project we work on first gets interrogated from the perspective of the brand strategy. We explore what the campaign is hoping to achieve and whom it is talking to, what those people are about, where the people are best found and so forth. With that intelligence we then develop informed creative concepts in our areas of service i.e. TV production, graphic design and radio production. We are a bunch of super advertising creative. Our first love is coming up with ideas, period! Our second love is coming up with ideas that work to achieve clients’ objectives. We are all about keeping communication simple yet meaningful.


We encourage maximizing the effective use of media, by planning right and then buying right. Creativity in media planning and buying is as important to us as the work we developed for the campaign.

Our media planning starts with the target market and then moves on to acknowledge the concept and how this translates into our communication strategy with a target audience in mind. We consider all valid touch-points in making a final recommendation regardless of the level of budget. This helps us to ensure that we are targeting the right people in the right places.

We put strong emphasis on consumer insight, and believe strongly in analysing effectiveness and not just efficiency. What makes us unique is our appreciation of brand positioning and the creative platform we use – resulting in communications ideas that add value.


When a marketing concept is re-thought, a campaign is re-looked, an idea is re-worked and a design re-engineered, you and Mashabela Creatives are at its centre. We develop pioneering TV ideas from concept to final product. This division of our company came about through uncontrolled forces in the universe. Four years ago, it was merely a thought, this thought took a life of its own when our radio clients started requesting us to assist them with TV concepts and shoots.

We moved from just developing corporate videos to conceptualising award-winning TV commercials. With great coincidence, we can say that we now produce high-energy ground-breaking TV projects. We are at a crucial stage of out TV division and just recently acquired the skills of two sought-after young black motion graphics and video editing team. They are so hot, we know we are writing a new chapter in the TV production industry.


We are a full-service radio/audio creative division for radio promotional ideas, script writing, radio commercials production, radio station imaging, jingles production, translations and TV audio post-production. With over 12 years in advertising, radio and audio production, Mashabela Creatives is well placed to assist with your marketing efforts on radio. Our radio production division – Sound Ideas – was built with advertising and communication at its centre, to cater for an increasing need by most industries to effectively use radio as a core medium for its marketing activities. We have two fully equipped professional recording studios, including two full-time sound engineers.

Event Production

We did not plan to become an events company, but when you get clients that love certain services you do for them and request that you help them with an event they are working on, it becomes difficult to say no. When the Department of Basic Education tested our skills in 2011 with their National Teaching Awards, we were thrown in the deep end. We came out as winners and with a world of lessons that we have since used to produce events for different organisations. This has become an important and busy part of our business. After having successfully organised events hosting the President and a number of government ministers, music events hosting 1000 guests, we can proudly call ourselves an events company. We do more than décor. We create an atmosphere.

Music Production

Music production has played a pivotal part at Mashabela Creatives in recent years. Headed by award-winning musician, Afrotraction, we are able to cater to clients’ music production needs, from radio jingles, soundtracks for event/television productions, to commercial music productions. With two fully functional audio production studios, we are here to handle all your music production needs.